Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why I just cannot bring myself to post lately

Because...guess what Wii got?

Or, rather, "wii" didn't get it. My 76-year-old mother (77 tomorrow) bought it for us with her economic stimulus check.

Because that is how she SHOULD have spent it, riiight? Screw all that "seeing the world while she still can" shit. My family needs an effing video game RIGHT NOW.

No, no, I'm very grateful. I would never, ever, EVER have gotten around to buying one for my children, because of all that stupid grocery-buying and electric bill crap. And they are thrilled beyond reason.

I was a little surprised at how hard they still are to get. After several weeks of half-heartedly looking for one at various big box behemoths, I finally forced myself out of bed at 7:30 on Sunday to get to Target when it opened, and there was still a line to get in. A guy was handing out coupons for the Wii itself, the Wii Fit, and something called Mario Kart. (Figuring I wasn't going to get around to visiting Target before it, EVER again, I went ahead and also got the Wii Fit. So, that little bogus marketing strategy totally works, by the way.)

So, that's what we've been, ALL the time. Me on the Wii Fit - SO cool, by the way, if just a little mean in the assigning of the "fat Mii" if you tip the scales on the heavy side - the YG on her "Disney Princess" magic wand game, and the OG on Lego Indiana Jones. The Man hasn't quite gotten sucked in yet, but I saw him spend a good half an hour trying to master the ski jump on the Wii Fit this afternoon.

Sigh. Say goodbye to our personalities. We've assimilated.


Badger said...

I'm hoping Santa will bring us a Wii this year. And I keep telling Santa that he might want to get one NOW, since it'll be harder to find around Christmas time, but Santa is all about the Black Friday deals so he is procrastinating. Bastard.

Jaye Joseph said...

Crap. Was it a mistake to get an iPhone instead of a Wii? I can't decide...

j3black said...

A Wii? That's like one of those Atari gizmos, right? I didn't have one of those, either.