Thursday, July 10, 2008

Recent shots from my crappy camera

Sadly, my decent digital camera has recently gone on the fritz, so, for the trip, I was forced to rely on our very old (and cheap, even 3-4 years ago) digital camera that I had given to the OG.

This camera sucks SO bad that I had a really hard time finding pictures of me in which I did not look either:

b) hideous
c) about five miles wide
d) some combination of the above (always including "c")*
So, here's what's left. Enjoy.

This first one is of Multnomah Falls, outside of Portland. Carla and her girls took us all out there for a sightseeing trip. Lovely waterfall, gorgeous drive out there. We walked up to that first bridge you see towards the bottom, but didn't do the hike up to the top, as my post-surgery foot is still not up to tons of walking yet. I'd really like to next time, though.
This next one is of Erin, Ben, and Dean at the Full Sail Brewery on the river, where we stopped for a lovely lunch and several lovely beers.

The YG on the Fourth of July, in her "puffy suit" - coast guard -approved lifesaving device, y'all, don't mock - and with my mother, behind the mojito mix that my sister's friend brought over (and that nearly slayed me for the fireworks display):

Anita Big Head style - thanks Karla - tramp, tramp, tramping around the columns at the University of Missouri, overlooking Jesse Hall:

Us at the Les Bourgeois winery in Rocheport, MO, on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River:(Why is it, exactly, that none of my old friends look old, hideous, or fat in THEIR pictures? Stupid camera.)

The YG with Snoopy at Worlds of Fun:

She turned on that significant YG charm to those costumed folk. They were grabbing her hand, pulling her up on stage, and hugging her at every given opportunity.

The OG on the Flying Dutchman:

Now, what SUCKS is this:

(Karla May, stop reading this RIGHT NOW. You will no longer respect me for what I am about to write.)

I agreed to let my sister take the YG to "Libby Lu" - that store at the mall that tarts your little darlings up with makeup and hairdos. It was NOT my idea, but I consented.

And the end result? She actually looked pretty darling. I will post them when my sister sends them.

If you will not hate me forever.

*Yes, yes, I'm back on the starvation plan, and just got back to the gym today for the first time since the surgery. No cheeseburgers, or fried potato products, or beer. Everything sucks again. Happy?

1 comment:

Karla said...

You do not look old, fat or hideous, silly girl.

I'm jealous of your MO wine...but only a little, because I think I drank all the rose wine in Tunisia and they have to go make more now.

So I am a little wined out.