Monday, June 02, 2008

Somebody buy me this shirt RIGHT NOW

Thanks! I'll just looove it!

Hey, look at it this way; you're getting off easy. I promise that you don't EVER have to buy me these...and that's a HUGE sacrifice, as they ARE the latest shoes in Japan:

OK. Footbinding, anyone?


Karla May said...

Holy SHIT. Those shoes made me gasp out loud. Working at the Field Museum in Chicago, I once saw field photographs of women's feet who'd been bound since girlhood. And let me just say, it was not a pretty image. And the shoes!! Ghastly and lovely at the same time--with exquisite silk embroidery and detail.

Talk about your Faludi-esque "Backlash."

I'll go have some more vodka now...

Karla said...

t shirt? hell yeah.
Those shoes? FUCK no! Ow x infinity.