Friday, June 20, 2008

I need your input

First of all, go here to see two candidates for a new French ad campaign to fight AIDS.

Next, tell me what you think of the "male" and "female" pictures.

Then come back here and take my poll.


mrpod said...

I am definitely wearing shoes into the water on our trip to Port A now!

Anonymous said...

Totally works for me, in the sense that I now don't want to do anything of a sexual nature for a while. Yuck!
Ok now I'm over it. Not safe anymore.

Does the female one remind anyone else of that scene in Barbarella, where she was protected by a bubble of innocence?


manicteacher said...

Can't decide so I will have to have both of them airbrushed on my conversion van.

St. Murse said...

Never really understood the allure of tentacle penises.