Wednesday, June 04, 2008


OMG, ppl. I am sick AGAIN.

What is that, like, three times this year? Unprecedented, I tell you. UNPRECEDENTED.

I have the mysterious illness that is apparently circulating around Austin. This is the one in which you start out all sniffly and congested for several days, and you go about doing the Austin-typical whining about how the mold/pollen/otherwise unspecified organic smut in the air must be really bad right now.

And then? Without warning? COMES THE VOMITING. And horrible stomach cramps. And debilitating weakness.

I cannot even believe that I am not feeling the enormous joy that is summer vacation. I have no works until August...AUGUST...and I am not even doing the little superiority dance I always do on this day. (Hey, perhaps it's karma!)

Tomorrow, I shall attempt to sit upright, and post; of summer obsession lists, or Democrats, or ill-advised uses of credit card airline mileage, or some cool meme...anything, I swear, besides my gastrointestinal tract and/or mucous membranes.

Tonight, though, that's what I got.

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