Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm a little down this evening.

The kids just got back from their five-day sojourn to Katy, TX (with a day at the beach in Galveston and another at Moody Gardens) with the in-laws. And - I was missing them SO terribly, and was so wanting them to hurry and get back...but, sadly, their return was marred by less-than-glowing reports of the OG's behavior.

Seems the arguing and the sibling rivalry was on in full force, making the weekend difficult for all involved. So, instead of welcoming them back with open arms, I was instead reading her the riot act and rubbing her face in the error of her ways.

I know I should expect this by now, but I was hoping, this time, that she could pull it off. She's come SO FAR at home with us. Seriously, nowadays, at our house, the percentage ratio of which child we want to kill more on any given day is about 60/40, with the "sweet" and "darling" YG on the top.

This has to get better, right? She'll be able to leave my house someday, won't she?


Badger said...

Aw, I know how discouraging that is (been there!). I do think it will get better. My boy child has slightly different issues than the OG, but there is a maturity thing at work with these kiddos, I think, and his impulse control gets better and better as he gets older.

Or maybe he just responds to threats better. You know, whatever works.

Anonymous said...

Have been there as well.

However, one of our son's friends drowned a couple of weeks ago and it has jolted my perspective back to where it needs to be. No matter the sulkiness, attitude or full blown tantrums (which are frequent from our girl-child these days), I'm giving myself a moment to pause and give thanks that I've got this time with them... and then of course I threaten to call the networks and have all cartoons cancelled and instruct all toymakers that their wares will no longer be welcome in our abode. (It doesn't work, but the kids are greatly entertained by watching my head spin off my neck like an airhogs copter).

Hang in there-

Pretty Practicals said...

Hello, I came across your blog whilst searching for images of The Police. I saw them in Hyde Park in London at their very last UK gig (sob, sob) last weekend.
I just did the reading level thing for my blog and it says Junior High School, is this good or bad? Does it mean it's easy to read or badly written?
Anyway, I thought I would drop you a line to say hi and to let you know that there are more of us who somehow made it through to adulthood and became (relatively) normal and happy human beings, at least I am on a good day!
My mum is so proud, she never thought I would get there.
Best wishes, Liz