Sunday, June 08, 2008

Oh, and...

In addition to the Summer Obsession List 2008:

11. Dare Lemon Creme cookies

I found these at Central Market, whilst I was shopping for "pool snacks," i.e. things I generally do not eat, and am thus fairly safe (diet-wise) to carry around with me for the kids (e.g. graham crackers, anything in the gummy "fruit" snack oeuvre).

Unfortunately, these are TOO FABULOUS to stay out of. Two nice and thick shortbread cookies with a (real) lemon cream filling. Yummmmmm.

They also make maple cream cookies...something I would also not normally be interested in. However, I am now intrigued.

Damn you, Central Market! Foiled again!

12. Gay Republican Playing Cards

The Man got me these from the Democratic Convention.

You envy me, no?

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Oh, those cookies. Those evil, evil cookies. All I can say, is don't try the coconut ones.