Monday, March 03, 2008

The OG and HRC

I took her to see her heroine tonight. School night, but I figured that she'd earned it with that awesome yard sign she made, no?

The OG was a total trooper. Believe it or not, it was as cold and windy as shit in Austin, Texas, tonight, and she waited for half an hour in a long-ass line, with nary a complaint. (Well, with nary more a complaint than all the other damn Texans in the line. Two words for you people: GET A PARKA!)

When we got up to the front, they told me I'd have to throw her sign away! I begged them to let me fold it up and keep it in my purse, and they relented, adding "They'll probably make you throw it away inside." I'm thinking, like hell you will, but I nodded politely and proceeded through the metal detector. After making me turn on all my electronic equipment down to my iPod, they allowed me through, with our contraband square of posterboard intact.

Inside, they were passing out signs...apparently, "official" signs, or something. I don't know what the hell all that was about. But, the OG saw everyone waving theirs, and asked if she could have hers back. Seeing no earthly reason why she shouldn't, I unfolded it, and gave it to her.

And...guess which little girl, with a home-made sign, got a point, and eye contact, and a wave, from HRC herself?

I think you know.

She ran right down front in the balcony; we could see everything really clearly. It was quite fun, actually; just like the good ol' days with my mom, when I was a kid.

That's Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen with her, and Chelsea right behind them.

Hi Ted! Your hair is startlingly snow-white these days.

You know, I'm so glad I took her. She is just turning into the coolest chick. And I think she'll remember this for the rest of her life, just like I remember seeing Jimmy Carter, in my best patent-leather shoes.



manicteacher said...

She will be an awesome superdelegate someday.

Connie said...

That is so cool!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool that you took your daughter. You may get to be old like me some day. I was on crutches on election day and couldn't stand and deal with all the crowds so I couldn't go to the caucas that I would have loved to have attended. It is the first time I have ever voted in a Democratic primary and my father is turning over in his grave. Do things when you can is my motto these days.

yea for thinking for yourself.........both mother and daughter

Karla said...

You are right, it is a memory she will always have AND you've already given her a lesson in politics that will stick with her forever.

My Dad was always very politically involved, though he was on the Republican side (they weren't so evil when we were younger). I remember his being so active, though, and that one person CAN make a difference. He was disappointed when I turned "liberal", but now he and I are united in hatred of Bush, Rove Cheney, et al, and so it's kind of come full circle.

My mom recently voted Democrat, though. For Claire McCaskell in MO. I was SO proud.