Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm Alive

...and the world shines for me, today. (I'm A-LIVE!)

It does indeed seem like forever (and a day) since I felt well enough to sit up and blog, but, verily, the dawn has broken across the sky. Thought I could never feel this way. Is it really me?

I think it's time that I strap on my figurative leg warmers and go rollerskating out the door into life again.

For your daily dose of esoteric humor, I strongly suggest that you visit Garfield Minus Garfield today. (Thanks to Chris for the link.)

There, you will find that your suspicion - that "Garfield" might actually be worth reading if there were no Garfield in the strip at all - confirmed. (And, wow...I had no idea that strip was so dark underneath it all.)

Pod, I totally see your humor in this. Not sure why. Am I totally off-base?


Po said...

"Garfield Minus Garfield" is GREAT! I laughed.

Actually, I do like to play with comic strips-- cut them out and remove crucial frames- usually the punchline. But I was always driving for DaDa-esque nonsense and absurdism. G Minus G takes it to a whole new level.

Thanks for sharing!

mrpod said...

Yes! I like it. This is a great example of what I've been calling "subtractive art". The guy who played before us, along with the recorded bass and drums as backing, and played just the rhythm guitar parts from 80s punk songs was unintentionally (I think) doing subtractive art. No vocals. He was obviously hearing how the songs should be in his head, because he was getting excited and jumping around. The audience experience was missing those elements that gave punk its power, however. It was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dave T says...

"Garfield Minus Garfield" made me break down in hysterical-crying laughter at work. It may be the sleep deprivation, but this is the new greatest thing in my life. You know, I've had the boy for about 11 months now, and he's had a good run...

Po said...

Yeah, mrpod, that was something else! Personally, that chap's efforts merely presentned something for me to suffer through until you walked up, full of barely restrained glee, and told me about your "subtractive art" theory. Then, when he kicked over a chair I was able to snicker instead of tsk.