Thursday, March 06, 2008


Tons to tell you, but all I gots in me tonight is bullets.

  • One more day until Spring Break, and not one damn second too soon. Work has been full-tilt, ass over teakettle for about four straight weeks, and I need a brief fucking respite.
  • My mom's in town for the next week, babysitting! Woop! We'll be doing South By Southwest, or as much of it as my limited caloric intake and empty pocketbook will allow. The (joy-sucking) Man envisions us austerely scarfing down peanut butter sandwiches out in the car rather than going out to eat. (And lest you think he won't practice what he preaches, I'm just SURE he'll elect to enjoy a lovely seltzer water out at the bars rather than buying beers.)
  • On the South By front, the film festival starts tomorrow. I'm fairly jazzed to be going again; it's been a few years since I bought a pass. But, honestly, I have not had one spare second to peruse the film schedule, and have no earthly idea what I'll be seeing. I hear the new Morgan Spurlock movie - Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden - is good, but I really don't know about anything else. Anyone else going? Hear anything?
  • We went with the Noxiouses to see They Might Be Giants, the BEST BAND EVER, at Stubbs last night. They were frigging awesome, as always, and I had probably one too many G&T's for a school night, but, miraculously, felt pretty fine all day. Nice evening, too, as opposed to TONIGHT, which sucks cold and rainy ass.
  • I ended up caucusing for Hillary, for the OG. (Yes, you all totally knew that was going to happen.) I felt a little odd about splitting my vote, but, really, when I thought about it, it's pretty apropos. See, in Texas, the popular vote garners two-thirds of the delegates, and the caucus votes garner the other third. So, since I was about 2/3 for Obama, and 1/3 for Clinton, I figure that's just about right.
  • Our caucus was TOTALLY INSANE. I'll bet 500 people showed up. There were so many of us that we had to meet outside, because we wouldn't all fit in the little church that it was supposed to be held in. Anyone else go?

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Todd said...

Here's what I would go see if I were there, with child care and all:

Wild Blue Yonder
Beautiful Losers
Shine A Light
The Art of Karaoke
The King of Texas