Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! And, Setbacks!

The YG would like to share this morning's bountiful haul with you:

We hope yours was fruitful, as well. Sadly, the crappy neighborhood HEB had no Almond Joy eggs this year. Thus, my bliss is tempered somewhat.

Has it really been almost a week since I posted? It doesn't seem that long. Sorry; I didn't mean to leave you staring at my South By natterings-on for the past six days. Guess the recovery took longer than I thought.

First off, I know what you're all worried about, and, it's OK: the weight gain amassed over South By week (and the week I was sick; 'cause, well, when I'm sick, I need to eat whatever my body tells me will make me feel better) appears to be temporary. So, you may all relax. I'm more or less back to where I was, with a bit of fluctuation when I drink anything or eat salty things.

To that point, last night I drank many things and ate some hella-salty beef jerky and sausage out at the annual "Swang-A-Go-Go" dance out at the Twin Sisters Dance Hall in the Hill Country. Swang is a big, private party thrown by a collective group of friends every year around this time. Unfailingly, it's a great time - for kids and grownups alike - and nowadays one of the few chances The Man and I get to go dancing. (As always, big snaps to The Man for his love of cutting a rug. I deeply appreciate my luck in this matter.) So, I'm thinking today is not the day to step back on the scales.

But, we do these weight-loss things in baby steps, no? Getting back to business hasn't been hard, at least thus far. I've been back to the gym several times this week, though I'm admittedly loath to re-start the weight training. Fuck, I hate lifting weights. Even with my iPod, it is SO BLOODY BORING and repetitious. And, though my conscious mind knows that it'll help my overall fitness, I just can't get worked up to do anything that isn't cardio. Bah.

Thank god there was no opportunity TODAY to eat anything that I shouldn't. No...not at ALL.

If you didn't see it already, this is Jimmy Kimmel's response to Sarah Silverman:

(Note to Sarah: Don't fuck with someone who is much better connected.)

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gmcountrymama said...

What a beautiful little girl all dressed up for Easter. I was lucky to get my daughter, 9, to wear something that wasn't too small or too unmatchy! She only cares about comfort. I guess I can't blame her.
Good luck getting back on the wagon. I need to get on one myself.
OH, I got here via the link in your profile, where you listed Buffy as one of your interests.