Saturday, March 08, 2008

SXSW Film Recap: Days One and Two

First up, we saw Super High Me. This parody of Super Size Me was started by a joke by comedian Doug Benson, who stated in his stand-up routine one night that he was going to make the same movie as Morgan Spurlock's, except that, in his, he would be high, non-stop for 30 days. And, this is what he did, using medical-grade pot, obtained legally in California with a physician's authorization.

I liked it! It surprised me; I figured it was a one-joke movie that would get old quickly. But, he's really, really funny, stoned or not (the first part of the movie shows him sober for 30 days, and he does several stand-up gigs throughout, both sober and totally baked). And, there's a good bit of stuff about state's rights, and whether California has the right to authorize a law that is not recognized by the federal government. Interesting, and funny. I say, 3.25 stars, out of five.

Next, we waited in the long-ass line at the Paramount to see the world premiere of 21, the wide-release Kevin Spacey movie about counting cards at blackjack. Now, I expected to like this one; I like cards, I like Vegas, and it's a true story, which is always something that intrigues me. It wanted very much to be Rounders, and it just was NOT. Cliched and predictable, there is not one thing that happens from start to finish that you do not see coming from a million miles away.

And, what up, Kevin Spacey? I see your name in a movie, and, for some reason, I STILL think that this means it should be good. I mean, c'mon, seriously, you do The Usual Suspects, and then American Beauty...and then TEN YEARS OF CRAP. Quit phoning in this same, slimy-smooth-talker performance, that you ALWAYS DO! Gaaah! One star, mostly for the charming guys who play the "old best friends" that the young hero abandons on the quest for money and the hot chick.

Today, we went to see We are Wizards, a doc about obsessive Harry Potter fans, many of whom form tribute bands (e.g. Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, Ginny and the Heartbreakers, and so on).

It was cute; I enjoyed it. (Particularly Harry and the Potters, who are too cute for words, and the Austin guy that recorded a new dub track for the movie of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone that is profanely HI-larious.) Could have used a bit of editing; it was 90 minutes, and should have been about 60. Mick hated it, but I say...2.75 stars, which I'll amend to 3.25 when they cut it just a bit.

Then, we went to see a documentary called Crawford, which is about our esteemed president's ostensible "home town." (Which is bullshit; he was born in Connecticut, to one of the wealthiest families in the country. He bought the ranch in 2000...see any coincidences there?)

I liked this one very much. Though political overtones are present throughout, of course, it was not intended to be this big, overt Bush-bashing movie...the focus was strictly on the effect of Bush's presence on this town. (And, of course, the resultant fallout, when all the protesters and counterprotesters descended upon it a couple of years ago.) It was thoughtfully filmed, and respectful to the town and its residents. It also drops a pretty big emotional bombshell right towards the end; I teared up, and did so again during the Q&A afterwards (with several of the town residents, who came for the premiere). Four and 1/2 stars.

Tonight, we came home to check on Mom. We didn't want to try to get in to see Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, because it will probably be horribly crowded, and will be out in theaters, anyway. We may take a movie break and go see Cornell Hurd at the Little Longhorn; not sure.

Whew! Why am I so beat, from only seeing four movies? I'm getting very old and lame.

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Karla said...

I totally want to see Crawford. (Haha, I accidentally typed "Crawfjord" first...I guess that's the Norwegian version?). I hope it will come out on DVD some time.