Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shut UP!!!

So, I mentioned going to see that Kids Rock showcase at SXSW? The one with the 12-year-old kids playing punk rock music?

So it was a benefit for the Girls Rock camp here in Austin? And there was this raffle? Of an ELECTRIC GUITAR...signed by THE GO-GO'S? And it was all, like, hey, it's $5, it's a good cause, sure, we'll enter your raffle?

And so...GUESS WHO WON IT???

(Well, it wasn't me; it was The Man, but STILL! OMFG!)

Oh, the OG is SO getting schooled on Girl Rock now. We'll start with the Go-Go's, move on to Joan Jett, probably throw in some Elastica in there...hell, I even like the Bangles too, I'm not ashamed to admit it. Who else do I need to download? Bikini Kill? The Donnas? The Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Courtney Love irritates does PJ Harvey (I KNOW, I'm not cool there)...maybe Sleater-Kinney? Never really tried them.

Off to the dreaded GS camp weekend tomorrow. Think of me when you're on your nice, soft, pillowtop mattress tomorrow, with your nice mixed drink, placidly reading your gothic mystery novel.

I'm going to be off EXPOSED TO THE ELEMENTS and god knows what else, probably sharing my mattress with a nest of brown recluses, and VERY POSSIBLY being forced to participate in a goddamned Ropes Course, which is perhaps my least favorite experience on this planet besides removing my fingernails with pliers and/or washing my clothes at a laundromat.

And The Man? Oh, poor man, he's forced to spend this ENTIRE weekend ALONE, as the YG is off visiting my in-laws. I cry! Cry for him!

(Aaah, I'm kidding, it's OK. I made him promise not to drink beer, watch basketball, or look at porn while I'm gone.)


Bill Shirley said...

Some mp3s of covers of 80s music.

John said...

Neko Case/The New Pornographers come to mind.

Current bands with a strong female presence that I'm listening to now: The Duke Spirit, The Ravonettes and Midnight Movies. I can send some of these your way if interested.

Rock On!

mrpod said...
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mrpod said...

Remember, though, girl bands weren't just influenced by other girl bands, they learned the classics, too. Kathy Valentine learned Purple Haze from Eric Johnson when she was starting out.

Also, it is de rigueur ... DE RIGUEUR! that the first song learned on electric guitar be Smoke on the Water.

You can't swing a dead cat in Austin without hitting a guitar player, but I'm also willing to help out if needed for this four chord masterpiece.

Po said...

MrPod, maybe you can give a Smoke on the Water lesson in return for getting to use the Go-Go's guitar at the next Dentones gig.

Karla May said...

Um Liz Phair, anyone? Kristen Hirsh? Some (limited) Joan Jett? I am SO going to make OG a mix chick rock CD and bring it to the princess party next weekend. Two worlds colliding, baby!! How fun!!

And I'm INSANELY jealous of the whole guitar-winning thing. The only thing I've ever won was a cake walk in the 5th grade and some Counting Crows tickets to see them at the Austin Opera House, and I didn't even get to go because my dad had a heart attack that weekend.

So, yeah...

Karla May said...

And the Pretenders and the Breeders and Shelby Lynne and DEFINITELY Sleater-Kinney and Morningwood Damnations TX and the Meat Purveyors and oh I'm gonna have FUN!!