Sunday, February 24, 2008

Deathbed Update

Well, I roused myself up for a lovely little gathering for the OG's birthday at Amy's Ice Cream yesterday afternoon...but, at a cost.

Today, my voice is gone, my head is throbbing, and I have left the couch only to go to the bathroom (and, briefly, to the kitchen table to eat some awesome tortilla soup from the yummy-n-cheap La Casita. Thanks, honey.).

I believe I'll take a day off from work tomorrow. As Karla pointed out, that makes me feel a bit guilty, and a bit wussy. But, goddamnit, they KNOW I'm not faking it - I was hacking up a lung the last two days of last week - and I NEVER take sick days.

So, it's just me, the couch, and the Oscars. I don't know how sick I'd have to be to miss them. Not sure, but there'd probably have to be tissue displacement involved.

My guess, early on? No Country For Old Men. Haven't seen it yet - all I've seen, really, is Juno, Michael Clayton, and Persepolis - but I've seen every other Coen brothers movie, I think, and have liked them, I assume it deserves it. I've gotten a bit hinky on the blood factor in some movies, nowadays, though, so I'll probably wait to see it on Netflix. (At home, I can bury my face into my husband's shoulder without shame.)

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