Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update to Yesterday's Post

  • My mother is now not speaking to me, as of the OG's indignant phone call to her to spill the beans on who I voted for. (And, by "not speaking to me," I mean that she is calling me and/or e-mailing me every hour on the hour to berate and harass me.)
  • Cristen won a ticket to the debate! Wow!!! I'm evilly jealous! (And, The Man is there, but segregated into some media ghetto that they call the "Spin Room." So, in a nutshell, he's going to watch it on TV like the rest of us, but he'll be closer than we are.
  • All this stress is making me sick. I've retired to the couch with a bad chest cold. Balls.
Oh, yes, and:

Happy 8th birthday to the Original Gangsta herself (and, by relation, Happy One-Year Anniversary of the acquisition of Curbie, the World's Most Smug Bastard Cat):

She got the coolest haul of gifts: a Millenium Falcon - albeit one in about 10,000 pieces that I am NOT putting together tonight - a light saber, and all of the crucial Episodes IV-VI action figures.

The Man and I are a little jealous. (But not of the cat on the head. We're OK without that.)


Karla May said...

I gots some stress as well sistah...and it's working its way out of my body in the form of cystic ZITS!! Hawt.

Oh...and I'm thinking I'm going to vote for him to, even though it goes against every feminist bone in my body.

Happy OG Day, BTW!!

Badger said...

Happy birthday (belated?) OG!

And y'know, in my mind (which is a scary place to be, I'll grant you), voting for her JUST BECAUSE she's a woman is no better than NOT voting for her just because she's a woman. If you see what I mean.