Saturday, November 03, 2007


My Saturday was spent hanging out on the couch, with the feverish OG, for most of the day.

(The Man and the YG went to Wurstfest, but the OG was still too sick to attend. So, we stayed home.)

We read several - correction; MANY - chapters of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, watched football, played some computer chess and some "Line Rider," watched some movies, periodically took temperatures, and giggled about names we generated on the Captain Underpants "Professor Poopypants Name Generator."

In short? Today, I did not exercise; I did not go to "Wurstfest," I did not attend the school carnival, and I did not attend the last soccer game of the season, or the corresponding soccer party. I sat, on my largish ass, on the couch, pressed up against my (very warm) daughter, for the entire day.


We had the BEST TIME. EVER.

Did I mention that I'm totally IN LOVE with her? Because I am. Sick or not. (Dorky Chickensprinkles is our favorite Professor Poopypants name. Haw!)

OK, I'm now going to write about Missouri Tigers football.

(Insert: A quick survey of those of you that I know of that customarily read this blog, that are interested in football at all:

You? No.

The rest of you, individually....?, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, sort of, no, no, no, not by a long shot, no, no, fuck no, and NO.)

You all? The ones that I surveyed? You can stop reading now.

Because the MU Tigers just STOMPED THE FUCKING SHIT out of Colorado. And it was damn near sexual in execution. (For me.)

Pretty fun stuff. Those who never dreamed that an MU - Kansas game would command national attention? Those guys? Are dying a little bit inside.

I can't WAIT to kick the crap out of Kansas. Yes., evolutionary stance included. Your backwards-thinking asses are GOING DOWN.

Four-Word Film Review of Young Frankenstein:

Madeline Kahn IS GOD.


Anonymous said...

So are you going to have the same 4 word film review tomorrow for Blazing Saddles?
BTW - was I NO, fuck no, or not by a long shot.

Keetha said...

Sometimes there's nothing like a sick day - stay in, take care of your child, take care of you, enjoy hearth and home. Sounds like you both needed it so yea you!

I actually like football. There were a couple of good games on this weekend but I forgot to watch them as I was cleaning the house and then writing (pause while I polish my halo). I dread and put off mopping so that when I do it, I always think, "Huh. That wasn't so bad." You'd think that would encourage me to do it more often. But it doesn't.