Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some people will call it a one-night stand...

...but we can call it paradise.

Guess what band I'm going to go see in December...not three weeks after I see the Police in San Antonio...?

No, you have to guess...come on...

You give up? Well, flip on the YouTube and embrace the dream, my loves:

The Divine Ms. Milena thought of me this morning and got me a ticket. For this, I am truly grateful, and I am in rapt anticipation of seeing them again. Plus, I'll get to spend another delightful evening with Milena, a lovely woman who is simultaneously a great mom and a fabulously good time at parties...AND who shares my joy and obsession for all things D-squared.

(But, seriously, M? Love ya and all, but hands off my Simon or I WILL CUT YOU.)

1 comment:

Milena said...

My blood is a small price to pay for a moment with fair (albeit noticably aging) Simon. Maybe we can tagteam?