Monday, November 05, 2007


Hmmmm... so, you're telling me that, the Kentucky GOP is...let me see, foundering in the gubernatorial election, which is tomorrow, so they - THEY - decide that, it would be an EXCELLENT idea to insinuate that the Democratic candidate is...say it with me now, children: GAY.

Must be Tuesday.

But, that's not all...get this: They even have a RoboCall going out tonight from none other than Pat Boone, who asks if Kentuckians want a governor who wants Kentucky to be "another San Francisco." (Because that would clearly be a bad idea.)

Pat Boone! Damn, now there's some relevance for ya!

I feel very like sending out this link to all the people that received that call and are seriously considering listening to Mister Christian tell them how to vote. (Serious Caveat: That link is Not Safe For Work, and will burn out your retinas. You have been warned.)


Four Word Film Review of The Princess Bride:

Have fun stormin' dacastle!


Keetha said...

Pat Boone?

You're kidding about this, right?

Anonymous said...


So someone thinks that Kentucky might perhaps become the next San Francisco?

Methinks they are perhaps setting their sights a bit high.....