Sunday, November 04, 2007

Louisa Mags Alcott

OK, I am reasonably sure that this is, perhaps, a strange question, for those of you with children:

When you're doing the "fever" thing - the really good one, the past 104-degree one - the up-past-midnight, mopping of the overheated brow with the cold compresses, the checking the temperature every ten minutes, the exchanging furrowed-brow looks with the spouse...that one?

When you're doing that, do you flash on "Little Women," and imagine that you are Jo, bustling around and worrying, with your sisters and Marmee, working slavishly to help Beth's fever break?

Or is that just me?


Four-Word Film Review of the training video I am supposed to finish watching before work tomorrow:

My heavy....

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Kristen said...

Okay -- I do. And I am doing it right now. Here's the weird part, I used to play this part as a child. And I always imagined us very, very cold. Then I would go watch One Day at a Time and eat frozen eggrolls to take a break from my feverish "old-timey days" Baby Alive.

But with my real life Baby Alive, I still have the same sort of feeling when he's sick (but not really, really sick).

How weird. Is this some sort of admission?