Saturday, July 01, 2006

What's Your Hell Like?

Things in my hell:

Drinks in my hell:

  • Diet. Cherry. VANILLA. Doctor. Pepper. How many words in this name equal "yuk?" ALL OF THEM.
  • Big Red, and any/all and sundry of the "cream soda" family
  • whiskey
  • that horrible Yerba Mate soda I had at the party watching the Argentina/Germany game yesterday
Food in my hell: Flan. And Circus Peanuts.

Occupations in my hell: Cutting off the plastic packaging around electronic equipment and/or kids' toys. Perhaps Armpit Sniffer.

Music mix in my hell: Redneck mainstream country. Contemporary Christian music. Hardcore gay- and woman-bashing/killing rap. And Barney.

President in my hell: um...crap.

The only author in my hell: Hemingway.

Husbands in my hell: Rush Limbaugh. Dick Cheney. Some crazy polygamist cult leader. (Our neighbor! Yay!) Ann Coulter (she is a man, is she not?) And Barney.

Only activities allowed in my hell:
  • Going to a laundromat
  • Waiting for service people to come to my house
  • Looking at pictures of myself when I weighed 20 lbs more
  • Waiting in a long, long line with a hyperactive six-year-old and a fussy two-year-old
  • Dieting
I think that's all I got for tonight. Any other suggestions? Or, have better answers?

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Lee said...

Sounds in my hell: Listening to people chewing with their mouths open while Tori Amos plays in the background. Oh wait, that happens to me every other Tuesday night.