Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm a bad, bad Mags!

I shouldn't have done it.

It was really so naughty of me.

But it was just so sexy, sitting there in the Mac store at Barton Creek Mall; and it was clearly lonely and in need of a good, warm, home.

Mmmmmm...and it's soooo good. No! It's BAD! Stop this madness! Did it HAVE to be the 60 GB? Did you REALLY think you needed that POWERFUL and MANLY a machine? Why, why, why? Did you have illusions of wealth, or coolness, that you JUST. DO. NOT. POSSESS?

In a word; yes. It's mine. It's all mine. And I lurrrrrve it. I don't care what everyone else says. You just don't understand LOVE. (stomps off to room. With iPod.)


Karla said...

Damn you. You outgigged me.

But I still love my iPod even if yours is more, ahem, well endowed.

I got the black one though...which makes me iGoth.

Connie said...

ok, weren't you the one who told me the other day you couldn't buy a new CD?? But a new IPod is ok? I guess I didn't understand the that there was a certain level you could go above but not below? Just jealous because that's what I want but the damn Wells Fargo people keep insisting I pay for this stupid house.

ArlingtonJB said...

Now you have to start accessorizing your iPod. That fancy 'skin' you want is also to protect your iPod too, right? (wink wink) You have to get one to protect your investment! Go back to the Apple Store now! Run!

BTW, Inga and I are Nano people.

Mags said...

The Man and I agreed that this was a combination birthday, Christmas, and Mother's Day present. So, nothing for the rest of the year.

Lee said...

That's why she's pouting.