Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Recovering, and 10 Days of Summer Vacation

How's my head?

Well, erm...I never had any complaints...

Oh. You mean my headACHE! It's better.

I hear tell that molds are really, really high in Austin right now. (Once I saw a car that had one of those "Austin - Live Music Capital of the World" bumper sticker cut up - bumper sticker cutting is a prime source of amusement in Austin, BTW - to say "Austin: Evil Mold Capital of the World." I have never, ever forgotten that, because it is SO TRUE. I will never understand why a town that never gets any rain grows such startlingly toxic and copious molds. The Man was laid up with it this afternoon, so I guess that's the most likely culprit.

Today, I realized that summer vacation was nearly over. I realized it because I was fantasizing about committing sixyearoldacide. But I stopped myself, because I realized that we only have 10 more days left together before we are both back off to the races. Sigh. Thank god. (But, to her credit, it's never taken us THIS LONG to get to that point before. When she was three, I wanted to go back to work after Memorial Day weekend.)

Younger girl, though pretty calm and blessedly still in the cutie-pie stage, can also be a lot to handle, A case in point; she "went boneless" during the brief errand involving insurance paperwork. Ain't no fun hauling 27 pounds of limp meat plus holding the hand of a six-year-old that may as well be a squirrel monkey. However - when they're two, you kind of laugh when they chirp, brightly, "I GO BONELESS!" to everyone in the office as you carry them out. (Poor O.G. When they're six, they get an ass-chewing for that kind of behavior.)

So, as I'm feeling guilty for such horrible thoughts (and because I know that most folks DO NOT WANT TO HEAR people in the education field complaining that they have "too many vacation days,") I'm putting my game face on for the next 10 days. It's fun mom central, I promise. Children's museum, indoor gymnasium, Central Market Cafe, swimming pools all over town, lunch at Sandy's Frozen Custard, whatever. Maybe there'll even be Peter Pan Mini-Golf. I'm finally feeling motivated to haul my ass out of here (which reminds me; it's day 3 of post-vacation diet. So far so good).

I have to say, though, the alternative to going out is to being at home. If there's TV on and it's actually me that's chosen the channel (which never happens,) I have it on the news, and the news is simply depressing. Oh, well, maybe I'll just focus on my happy certainty that this Mideast war will bring on the rapture. ('Cos damn if this won't be a much happier place without all those fundamentalists!)

I leave you with this nugget of joy...YouTube has the unreleased, never-before-seen pilot of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." It's more or less the same as the original, but there is a decidedly different Willow present. (Sheesh...that was 10 years ago already, and I was old to watch that show when I did watch that show.)


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