Friday, July 07, 2006

Sporadic Posting Alert

We're computerless again for the next several days, so posting will be sporadic, at best, until the 19th or 20th or so.

I leave you with a photograph inspired by Karla May, whose cat Earl has a sizeable, and yet still very attractive, belly overhang. My cat, Molly, weighs 16 pounds, and has been on a diet for 10 of the 12 years of her life. (Do we not feel her pain? I FEEL YOUR PAIN, baby.) She loves to drape herself over the back of the couch, and though I have several pictures of this, I cannot seem to find them right this second.

But, I do have a picture of her that I dearly love. You ever try to cram yourself into jeans that are a size too small? And you know they're tight, but you just steel yourself, and hope that nobody ELSE will notice that they're so tight that they had to be zipped up with a pair of pliers?

Well, that's what happened to Molly, and the shoebox:

She wanted in there SO BAD, and she was really quite content for some time, even with several of us walking past, pointing, whispering, giggling, and eventually snapping pictures.

Oh, we have other cats...several other cats...actually, we have far too many cats. But that is a story for another time. Suffice it to say that Molly is the best "big-boned girl" kitty that we have ever had.

Those are her "pissed-off ears" in the first picture. I wish I could pull off "pissed-off ears."

Have a happy few days, y'all. Stay cool; go swimming. If you're in Austin, go to lunch at Enoteca Vespaio on South Congress. We went there today, taking advantage of a day without the six-year-old (mad props for summer day camps, yo). It was AMAZING. Not quite as pricey as Vespaio, but I still had a NICE Italian meal. Not easy to come by in Austin. Mexican, Tex-Mex - another story. And worthy of a post someday. But, must be industrious, damn it.

LYLAS!! Mean it!!


Karla May said...

That kitty looks like a size 10 foot crammed in a size 7 shoe. Too funny.

Karla said...

Instead of Puss in Boots it's Puss in Box?

I learned how to make a PERFECT, true Italian pizza this weekend. I will teach you if you so wish.

I am about to embark upon the world of Bermask polenta. Who knew polenta was so good?