Monday, August 25, 2008


Stupid Firefox lost my last post!

It was a brilliant diatribe on the idiocy that is this TOTALLY FAKE "PUMA" movement - this so-called "group of life-long Democrats" who insist that they are going to vote for John McCain because of the way that Hillary was treated in the primary.

And it had all kinds of links to show you that the leader of this movement sent $500 to ... um, let's see, who was it...oh, yes, JOHN McCAIN, in 2000. And not dollar one to ANY Democrat.

Bah. You'll just have to believe me. Because I just can't bring myself to recreate it.

In any case, on this, the first night of the convention - which I will be watching from gavel to gavel, because I AM LIKE THAT - I beg of you, DON'T BELIEVE THIS shite.

The Nixonites had a name for it - ratfucking. They invented it, when they stole stationery from Muskie and McGovern and wrote horrible things, supposedly from one campaign to the other, to divide the Democrats. And they've been perfecting it ever since, from Lee Atwater and Willie Horton, to the Broward County "riot" during the Florida recount, and of course everything that Karl Rove has ever touched, ever, in his life.

I will admit, however, that they are good at it. And I am completely fearful that people are buying it.

Spread the word. Unify. No more trash-talking each other - and I MEAN it - or I fear that we will have four more years of this nightmare.

Oh, P.S.

Do you know what is the absolute AWESOMEST thing that can happen to you AT WORK?

Yes! You're right! It's diarrhea!

SO cool.


Sinda said...

Ok, you drew me out of Google Reader to commiserate because, OMFG the same thing happened to me at work last week! Well, I don't know if it was the same thing or not, but it was the most horriblest thing ever ever ever. Ever. Shudder.

Bookhart said...

Um, me too.

Is this a trend?

Sinda said...

This is pretty strange.

St. Murse said...

There's been a rash of cryptosporidium infestations in Houston. Have y'all been swimming lately? Here's the CDC's fact sheet:

St. Murse said...

Diarrhea is fairly uncool at work. Like for instance if it's part of your job to clean up the person it came from.