Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can't post.

Still geeking out on the convention. It started slow, but it's really gotten rolling.

Knocked it out of the park:

  • Michelle. Warm, witty, earnest. She reminds me of another first lady whose last name started with "O." Plus she looked HOTT. And did you see what she is wearing tonight? With the flowers on the collar? I think I may have a girl crush on her.
  • Hillary. Super-powerful. Not faked. Just what needed to happen. Damn, though, are we sure we nominated the right one? And allowing her to request the nomination by acclaim was an awesome touch.
  • Dennis Kucinich. Yes, that's right. His six minutes were the most fun out of ALL of them so far. He got that crowd going apeshit. It's very worth YouTubing.
  • Bill. He's a smart man, and I liked his endorsement. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I had so many problems with his presidency - none of which had to do with oral sex with anyone - but, like that abusive husband of rote, when I saw what the alternative was, I missed that man.
  • John Kerry. I'm even surprised by this one. But, thank god SOMEONE FINALLY said that this Swift Boat shit is NOT going to fly this time. Seriously, have you heard this "Barack Obama is associated with a member of the friggin' old as dirt Weather Underground" rumor? This is INSANE.
  • Mark Warner. Kinda robotic, and oddly tanned.
  • Nancy Pelosi. Eh, her speech was fine. I'm just perpetually annoyed by her. All I ever wanted was a strong, woman leader, and...this is the best they can do?
  • All the goddamn pundits on CNN. Does anyone else fantasize about punching David Gergen in the head? I finally turned on CSPAN just to tune out the noise.
I'm looking forward to Joe Biden. He's funny, and smart, and isn't afraid to take swipes at these bastards. The Man thinks he is a bit of a blowhard, but I like him.

The relentless McCain commercial barrage has been pretty impressive, I must admit. And the ads are absoulutely nauseating in their negativity. Oh, and did anyone hear that McCain may name his running mate TOMORROW? The night of Obama's acceptance speech? During the week that the opposing candidates traditionally TAKE OFF? John McCain, you used to be classy. Too bad the Rushbots ate your soul.

You know, it's weird not to see Jesse Jackson there. I remember his serious candidacy back in '88, which was my first presidential election. (I remember, even then, thinking that my first presidential vote - for Michael Dukakis - was kind of a letdown.) Jesse's ALWAYS there, man. It's too bad he took a "falling off the turnip truck" turn, there, at the end.

You know how into this I am? TOTALLY forgot it was "Project Runway" night.

(Oh, and if you watch this totally inane show - like I do, slavishly, every week - you should really catch up with the guys on Project Rungay. They are heee-larious, and have absolutely wormed their way into being THE complete insiders on that show.)

Just an's finally time to tell you the YG's real name.

Because, well, she announced that she was ready to change it. Her new name, she proudly proclaims, is "Cherry Sparkle."

I'm so proud. I hear Sugar's is hiring.

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