Sunday, October 28, 2007

Things I Accomplished This Weekend

(...without The Man, mind you, who is on a little vacation to El Paso to visit Bret. Which I told him that I'm fine with, as long as there would be no beer drinking involved. He swore.)

  • Took YG to music class while OG briefly attended a carnival
  • Thenceforth picked up OG and took her to her soccer game
  • Scrubbed the bathroom floors (on my hands and what is left of my knees, bitches!)
  • Rearranged the glassware cabinet
  • Dressed my children in their costumes for a nighttime - grownup, even - Halloween Party
  • Attended the Halloween party, in a costume*, even THOUGH I had to go solo, and even THOUGH I didn't know that many people, and even THOUGH I Violently Hate Halloween
  • Took the OG to softball practice (in batting cages, for the first time. She dug that.)
  • Played with the YG incessantly during all of the OG's social/sports commitments
  • Washed - and partially put away - 10 loads of laundry (!)
  • Found the big plastic tub of OG's old size 3T-4T winter clothing and sorted it into YG's dresser drawers
  • Went through some given-to-me-by-my-boss, hand-me-down clothing for the OG - who is now a size 8 (gulp,) and can wear tops that are a size 10 - and sorted it and put THAT away
  • Found the
  • Swept and mopped the kitchen floor twice
  • Took the leaf out of my kitchen table, and Pledge-d the sucker until it screamed for mercy
  • Cleaned my kitchen sink until it, it's white! I'd forgotten...
  • Fed and played with the animals (Molly is now able to climb up on the back of the couch by herself! And she no longer smells like a three-weeks-open can of cheap wet cat food! She is utterly, fucking, amazing.)
  • Bought art supplies and assisted the OG with a pumpkin painting project for school
  • Made waffles - in the waffle iron, man, not Eggos - for my children, and didn't eat one
  • Chatted with the neighbors as we watched our kiddos ride bikes on the street
  • Taught YG to ride her little bicycle, which she did, for the first time, by herself
  • Re-read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (because OG is deeply, excruciatingly, IN TO the books, and she keeps asking questions about them...and I realized that, in my quest to see how it all ended, that I missed some details.)
  • Also glanced at the hagiographic Harry Potter entries in Wikipedia. They're scary.
  • Reveled in the OUTSTANDING weather (78 degrees today; not a cloud in the sky. It's that time of year - that one time besides the corresponding same two weeks in March - that Austin has really reasonable weather.)
  • Cooked a nice vegetable soup with stock I made from the remains of the turkey breast I cooked last week
  • Listened to the MU Tigers beat Iowa State on the radio, from whenceforth we moved into the TOP TEN. Holy fucking shit. We are - say it with me now, children - ABOVE TEXAS in the rankings. As are the KU-freaking-Jayhawks. (Actually, beware; this may mean the approaching apocalypse.)
  • Did not kill either, or both, of my children, though they each eminently deserved it at least once

*It was my perennial, no-effort costume, "Devil with a Blue Dress On." Nobody got it.


Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest that you lay off the speed, but it is obviously working for you think you could come for a visit and work the same magic with my house and children? I thought I was doing well because my children AND dishes are actually clean and pumpkins carved. This was not as easy as it sounds. It's 10pm and I'm still doing laundry. Sigh...Anita

Keetha said...

My gosh, woman! Did you invent more time while you were at it?? How did you do all that?

And also, howdja get the sink clean? Mine is white(ish) porcelain and I've tried Comet, Barkeeper's still looks cruddy. Maybe I'm giving up too easily.

Lee said...

No honey, you said visiting Bret was fine as long as there were no hookers involved.

Which is a shame, because every time we walked over to Juarez there were lots of nice cab drivers offering to take us to the whorehouses.