Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Sad, Sad Day in Central Austin

Oh, no, y'all...Brentwood Tavern is being shut down!

I am majorly bummed. This place has EVERYTHING - it's in my neighborhood, walking distance from our house. It's outdoors and kid friendly - hell, it's practically Kid Happy Land, or as close as you can get without being some godawful hellhole like Chuck E. Cheese - what with the playscape, the stage, and the big bales of hay to climb on. While the service was incidental, the burgers and masses of fried yummies never lacked, and the sweet, homemade sandwich buns were fantastic.

Oh yes; of course, it also had big, soothing pitchers of BEER. Good, cold, frothy BEER. And did I MENTION that the kids liked it, too? And that we could WALK there? And that it was a great place meet to have soccer parties, or meet for a birthday gathering, or just MEET, for no reason other than it was Friday and we were too tired to cook?

Damn it.

But, that's not the worst part...the worst part is the reason WHY it is closing. The rumors suggest that some guy wants to open some place where he can house his new-agey crystal collection.

I do not shit you. No, sadly, I do not.

Sigh. The last night is next Thursday, Oct. 25. If you're in Austin, let's all head down sometime this week to pay our respects with some Stella Artois, onion rings, and ignored-yet-happy children, shall we?
In other 'hood news, they were filming a scene for "Friday Night Lights" at the Crestview Minimax yesterday. (Yes, we drove around it and gawked. We don't get out much.)

I like that show so much when I watch it, but I just don't watch much of anything anymore...and my TiFaux is freaking maxed out, full of stuff that I don't have time to watch.

Should I make that one more of a priority, I wonder? Sadly, most weeks I don't make it past "Heroes," "The Office," "My Name is Earl," "Lost," and "Thirty Rock." (Though I am getting to like "Reaper" and "Pushing Daisies," insofar as the new crop goes. I tried "Journeyman," but felt it was just "Quantum Leap" all over again. And, I never did turn that pseudo-porny HBO show "Tell Me You Love Me" back on again...it just sucked, and by that, I'm not referring to the graphic blow jobs.)


Badger said...

The only time I ever ate at the Brentwood with my kids, the boy had a major freakout. But, you know, that's no reason to shut it down.

You should definitely make FNL a priority! (Although truthfully, so far I'm not liking the second season as much as I did the first season.) And dude? Lost isn't even ON right now.

La Turista said...

We just went to Brentwood Tavern a couple of weeks ago and remembered why we liked it so much when we lived over there. Shit.

Also, I'm with Badger on FNL - make it a priority!

Keetha said...

Sweet homemade sandwich buns? Yum. And it's closing? Sucks.

I must be in the minority - I've never seen Friday Night Lights.

Lee said...

Just to clarify (since I'm covering the closing for the Chronicle): It is the owners who are closing Brentwood Tavern down, not the new landlord (although you could argue it is the new landlord's fault — which I do). The new landlord, Mr. New Agey Crystal guy, would only offer them a month-to-month lease, which no restaurant owner with a brain is going to accept. Too risky. So the BT owners decided to cut their losses and get out while the getting's good. Look for brief write-up in our "Naked City" section of tomorrow's (Oct. 18) Chronicle, and probably the food section as well.