Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm In Ur Houze...Eetin Up Ur Sal-ar-y!

OK, I've got LOL Cats Fodder for you...and I'm awaiting entries...

First off: Do you remember this waifish little guy? This was Curbie - nee "Kirby," spelling changed courtesy of the OG - whom we adopted in February, on a whim:

The visiting shelter lady doing her weekend stand at the PetCo saw a sucker in me straight off, and handed him over to me "just to hold for a second." As he draped himself over my arm like a motionless, furry purse, I had an epiphany; this might just be the right animal for the bouncy and hyperactive OG.

Though he'd been taken care of at the Gonzalez shelter, he was underweight, and pretty small overall for eight months old. His tail looks a little bent because there was a mangy spot, right near the end. He also had a sore on his leg, and was pretty ratty-lookin' overall. I have to admit, sweet cat or not, I had my doubts as to whether this fugly little kitten was at all worth the time.

So, eight months later, this is Curbie:

Nowadays, the fur is no longer mangy; it's thick and soft. (Would make a great pair of gloves, actually) I'd put him at at least a ten-spot, weight-wise; maybe more. Unlike previous big-boned cats that I've had in the past, he carries his weight in his backside, causing us to rename him "Lardass" "Chunkbutt" "Hippolicious," etc.

He's still sweet, and still generally a lumpy suitcase of a cat that can be carried from room to room draped over any arm that can manage to support his girth. And, I will admit, he does pay the rent, in that he happily sleeps on the OG's bed every single night while she's falling asleep .

But - I have to say, this is the most smug bastard cat that I have ever met. Seriously, look at that self-satisfied smile!

"Yeah, I started off at a shelter, can you believe it? Now, I'm CEO of the fucking Trump Cat Condo for Suck-ahs! Hey, would pass me that bowl of primo Bark-n-Purr organic overpriced kibble? Nah, I don't feel like getting up; just stick it next to my face and I'll roll over and lick it."

On a sadder note, this is Molly...

...whom, even though I'm sad for her, I am sure is saying something along the lines of "Screw you! I will NEVER die! Look! I'm eatin' and drinkin'! And walking around, albeit into walls! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

OK, damn it. I. MUST. STOP.

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