Friday, June 22, 2007

What Went Wrong

These are photos of a young baby Mags, at my house with my grandmother:

Mmmkay, so it was just FINE to give the baby the icing beaters back then!

Jeez, my kids didn't get any refined sugar until their first birthday - well, OK, the FIRST one didn't - but here I am, what, maybe, six months old, tops, sucking down what is likely my grandma's homemade cinnamon roll icing STRAIGHT off of the beaters, like a junkie looking for a fix. (Seriously, look at my eyes in that second picture. I'm saying "You take this beater, you lose a hand. Hear?")

(Mmmm...Grandma's homemade cinnamon rolls...but I digress.)

I believe that I can see the beginnings of the lifelong weight problem ROTCHHERE.

Now excuse me while I go rip open a bag of chocolate chips.
Mags Summer Obsession List Part II:

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 - the comic book series authored by...dum da dum!...Joss Whedon himself. They're awesome. I'm all aflutter.
  • Drinking delicious Sidecars (thanks, Badger of the New York Times!)
  • 80's funk/R&B (e.g. Cameo, the Dazz Band)
  • the song "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" by Rufus Wainwright
  • the new season of "Big Love"
  • yummy crusty sourdough bread, toasted, with butter (NO! NO! BAD MAGS! *rubs nose in the carbs*)

1 comment:

Badger said...

It's amazing we all lived to adulthood, isn't it?

I am LOVING sidecars this summer. I predict they are the next big thing in "retro" cocktails. You heard it here first!