Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 20, 1998

It was nine years ago today; the hottest June ever in Austin.

100 degrees, and not even July yet. An evening wedding seemed like a good idea at the time, but we hadn't taken into consideration that an earlier wedding would suck every bit of air conditioning out of the Caswell House. At 5:00, it was probably 85 degrees on the second floor, and me in a whalebone corset and no food since toast at breakfast. It's a wonder I was even conscious.

Happily, though, it went down. And so did I, later that night. (KIDDING! I was too pissed at the downtown Sheraton for that, as they had A.C. issues of their own. I think The Man made me slam two G&T's in the hotel bar just so I would be remotely compliant for anything salacious that night.)

This evening, to celebrate, I made a nice anniversary dinner of two lovely and expensive pan-seared yellowfin tuna steaks with an herb-and-sea-salt rub and roasted garlic butter, roasted asparagus and garlic, and sourdough crostini with olive oil. Dessert was a plate with two kinds of cheese (a Manchego and a bleu,) dark chocolate, English toffee, and strawberries. We had an interesting German white semi-sparkling wine from Central Market - a "Gruner Veltliner" - very tasty. Fresh, citrusy, good mouthfeel. It was way better than its price tag suggested, and it had a bottle top, to boot!

The whole thing might have been very romantic if we had not had a three-year-old sandwiched between us commenting on the yuckiness of the tuna and asparagus, and suggesting that fish sticks might be a better choice.

Happy A-Day, honey. Best. Marriage. Ever!

(And, if you like, you may check out my darling husband's drunken assertions of love over t' his blog. Yes, honey, I looooove you too. Now shuffle off to bed, and don't vomit.)


Bill Shirley said...

Are you standing on furniture?

Mags said...

I have no idea why I look taller than him in this picture...he's a ginormous tall man, and I was wearing flats. Perhaps there is some sort of step or landing involved.

Connie said...

It was a great wedding, and my best hair day ever. I sometimes dream that I had run away with that hairdresser and good hair days the rest of my life.

Bookhart said...

I remember the heat! And trying to manage a 9-month-old. Even so, it was WONDERFUL.

Karla said...

I remember the heat and you talking about your corset and being the most hilarious bride EVER. (Um, not DURING the ceremony but preceding and afterwards. During the ceremony you were all solemnity and virginity...)

Yeah. Uhuh...yup.