Monday, June 11, 2007


I'm back!

I'm back from ten days in Kansas City!

I'm back from...

  • 12 hours crammed into a compact car - each way - with a husband, two children, a puppy, and an ailing (but better) cat;
  • my 20-year high school reunion;
  • visiting my mother, sister, and (genuinely) ailing father;
  • hanging with Erin and Tricia at an actual great bar in Kansas City (who knew?);
  • oohing and ahhing over cute baby shmoopums at Erin's baby shower;
  • eating my weight in Arthur Bryant's Barbecue and LC's Hamburgers,
  • taking my girls to Worlds of Fun, the amusement park of my youth;
  • just missing the grand opening of the fab and critically acclaimed new section of the Nelson Art Gallery (which does, yes, on the outside, look like storage lockers to me; but I am a clueless rube)
  • attempting to swim in my parents' lake, but mostly just shivering, because it was in the 70's most of the time we were there
And, there were various and sundry other activities, but I am too goddamned brain dead right now to think of them. (Did I mention the 12 hours in the car? Did I mention it was all in one day? And that it was today? And that there was a cat on my foot and a dog in my lap?)

But, you say, you want to know of the reunion?

I shall post of it, and of the drinking of the wine and the wearing of the pink taffeta, tomorrow.

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Lee said...

Hey, according to that MySpace page, Grinders is a 38-year-old female from Kansas City. Maybe that's why I liked it so much!