Sunday, January 21, 2007

A tea-drinkin' evening

Have I really not posted since Wednesday? Good lord, what have I been doing?

Oh, yes, I've been playing poker. Both Friday and Saturday night. And kicking butt at it, if I may add. I won $25 on Friday night, and nearly $30 more last night. (Them's big stakes in the Mags household.)

That's really not very exciting news for y'all, is it? OK, have a picture:
That's my mom - with the pony tails she has worn for the past 40 years - with YG. She always told the story that she wouldn't cut her hair until the Equal Rights Amendment passed, and thus she's still waiting. (I know now that is total's pure vanity. She is 75 years old and has not EVER dyed that shit.)

Here's me and The Man at my parents' house (With authentic! Not Retro! Wood paneling!):

I love that guy. (No, I don't know why I'm making my neck all veiny and weird. I am apparently trying not to have a double chin, at the cost of looking like I am the one that is 75 years old.)

Here's a couple of shots from the Great Ice Storm of 2007:

Are you underwhelmed? Do you wonder why we missed school for two days? ME, TOO!

'Twas nice to see the sun today, though, I must admit. That, plus $50 in hard-won gambling profit in my pocket, made for a nice Sunday...except for one, tiny problem that arrived at my house today:

They're here...and we (I) have to sell them...oh, God, how do I get out of this?


Karla said...

AW dude...totally sign me up for thin mints and those caramelly coconutty ones...You DO ship to Europe, don't you?

Shannie T said...

I'll take one of everything. Hell, make it 2. Baby need food.