Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On towards the outside world!

Ice Storm '07 is over. School starts again tomorrow, ye gods.

I was planning to get on here tonight and blog about life stuck inside my house with my children for the past several days, but everybody beat me to it (and they did it better than I would have, damn it).

We, too, have dragged out the science kits and the recipes and the colors and the paints. We spent a lot of time parsing agonizingly through the mountain of toys that were displaced from the "toyroom," which has since become OG's bedroom, thanks to my new best friends at IKEA. She has the new black/brown wood desk with a white plastic chair ($75 and $17, respectively), two orange accordion-style hanging toy bags ($5.99 apiece,) a bitchen glass bedside lamp in the shape of a rectangular prism ($6.99,) and the accordion toy basket ($5.99 too, I think).

We, too, are out of things to do now. We, too, are very, very ready to see other people. (Can't blame it all on the kids, though. Remember, I was violently ill towards the end of last week, and it was just as I was starting to come out of it that all of this ice crap started up. So, I was already feeling like a shut-in before this.)

Oh, joy that is tomorrow...the schools have decreed that it will be a "late-start day." Two hours late. Sweeeet. No work - no school - until 9:45 tomorrow, and we don't have to make it up later. Sadly, I wish that this news would somehow stop my children from getting up at 6:00, but I'm guessing it WILL NOT.

Happy end-of-unexpected-winter-holiday, y'all. Hope you made it through homicide/suicide-free.

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