Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Now THIS is classy!

From John:

Now, I was GOING to be a Bears fan for this here Super Bowl, but now, I'm thinking, maybe not.

The smirking chimp has just finished his speech. I made myself listen to every word from his thin, cross little lips. I think that was the first time I have had the stamina to make it through an entire one of his speeches.

I have to say, it was entirely worth it, if only for the sight of him spitting out the words "Madame Speaker."

Bwah-ha-ha. Nancy, you're my girl.

The OG's new ADHD medicine appears to help her focus a bit, but totally escalates all her sensory overload issues. She can no longer wear jeans because they itch, and even cries to me about how stretch pants make her itch. Today, she absolutely refused to wear anything but a sweat jacket. (Now, I know Austin isn't Norway, or anything, but it was like 40 degrees this morning. Very coatish.) The (several) coats we have were "too hot" or "too heavy" or "made her armpits hurt."

I had a real crisis of faith. I KNOW BETTER, but I just did not believe her that it was bothering her that badly. I thought she was totally just being grumpy.

I KNOW not to engage in these, and I KNOW it is really, really wrong to escalate her right before she goes to school, but I just couldn't resist for a little while this morning.

I mean, I'm supposed to do this, right? I'm supposed to make her wear a coat when it's cold, correct? Don't the other mothers all judge when a kid comes to school underdressed for the weather?

Even threatened with - and delivered - a serious consequence involving an early bedtime and the loss of a favorite toy - for not minding me, she elected to wear the sweat jacket. I gave up, and remembered that I know something about this kind of disorder.

We went to school in relative peace, I gave her a hug and a kiss goodbye, and told her I loved her. She stood at me, sniffled, and said, "I'll try to earn my toy back and I'll try to wear it tomorrow."

Lordy, I'm not the world's best mother at times.


Badger said...

My boy, who is very sensory defensive, did the opposite and insisted on wearing long pants and long sleeves WITH A JACKET during the entire spring/summer of 2005. So yeah, I was the mom who looked like she was trying to kill her kid via heatstroke. That was fun.

Karla said...

I was a sensitive skinned kid too, and drove my mom crazy with my shenanigans. Seams itched, tags itched, fabrics were wrong, etc. All these gorgeous things i owuld not wear.

I'm STILL really picky about clothes and how they feel...and i hate anything tight under my arms.

Hey, if she's cold she's cold, she'll wear the sweat jacket, she'll learn and know that she did it to herself....I did the same thing.

Connie said...

Oh Dear, if that's your bad mom moment then I totally am evil horror movie mom.