Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Medication Tango

OG started a new regimen of medication. We switched from Focalin (the one that made her itch and totally overreact to annoying sounds) to Adderall for the ADHD symptoms. And, after I took her to the family doctor to make sure there isn't a medical reason for the itching (why can't I cure it with a cream?), she is now also on Zoloft - not as an antidepressant, because the girl is at least chipper a lot of the time - but for behaviors that looked to her, the doctor, like OCD.

Really? OCD? She'd come by it honest, at least, from my side of the family.

I have a heavy heart about trying this one, not least because it makes some kids suicidal, and I have to take her to the doctor once a week for the next six weeks to make sure she's not. I mean, seriously? You tell me this and you want me to relax and stick it in her mouth?

On top of this, she's been taking it for three nights, and TWO of those three nights, she has woken up at 3:30 in the morning and not been able to get back to sleep. Seriously, folks, of all the weaknesses of my older daughter, sleep has NEVER been one of them. And it is really, really not another one that I'd like to have.

This may not work.

One week's progress report: Up two pounds, down five, so a net loss of three. (I panicked a bit about the two pounds, but it turned out to be total B.S. - what, I can't have two small glasses of red wine without bloating up like a pufferfish?) Exercised a couple three times, once even in a - wait for it - Jazzercise class! (I secretly kind of like it, because it was really the first aerobics class I ever went to, back in college. It is TOTALLY queer, but it reminds me of the day.
Anybody seen this one?

Some Dallas newscaster totally loses his shit when a little lizard jumps on him. Total forward-on-to-the-bridge-club stuff, but it made The Man and I snort.

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Lee said...

You know, I've never understood -- why in the hell do they call it Jazzercize? You don't actually listen to jazz, do you? I'm thinking there has never been a John Coltrane song played in one of those classes. Then again, I could easily see exercising to some jumping Ellington or Basie numbers.