Monday, January 22, 2007

The Evil Spawn I Generated

For this post, I need you to remember that I've spent the past several weeks, and several THOUSAND DOLLARS in closet renovations, new wood blinds, and IKEA everything, on renovating OG's old room - which has since 2004 been known as "the toyroom" - into her new bedroom.

This was done, as you will recall, because OG and YG were fighting horribly in their old room. OG likes quiet when she's falling asleep, YG likes to hum and sing (and to push OG's buttons,) and OG was ending up stomping off to the guest bedroom five nights out of seven, anyway. So, for months now, we've been plotting the Big Girl Room Of One's Own. She could not wait, I tell you, and it's been massive undertaking to get it accomplished.

It is finally done, minus a headboard, a new comforter, and a few posters. And, it is beautiful. Besides the bitchen new Container Store hardware-installed closets with the sliding mirror doors, there's a desk, her dresser has an "ambient orb" on top of it, which is as cool as it sounds, a new CD player, a new clock radio that shows the time in a variation of colors, accordion toy baskets that hang from the ceiling, and her insanely comfortable bed with the top-of-the-line Serta mattress. In short, as the man put it, it's the perfect kid's room.

So, what thanks do I get? Huh? I'll tell you what thanks, bub. This is the general transcript of the conversation I had with OG whilst lying in bed with her last night:

OG: "I wish I slept by the window in this room, like I did in my old room."

Me: "Well, that won't really work in here, because of where the outlets are, and where we need to put the bookshelves. But, you're close to one, and can see out, so that's good."

OG: "Can I have my old room back?"

Me: "Erm, NO, this is YOUR room now. [YG] has the old room, because it's closer to us. And we worked really hard to make this one perfect for you, remember?

OG: "When [YG] is gone, can I have it back?"

Me: "Where exactly do you think [YG] is going to go?"

OG: (thinking, deciding to clarify) "Well, if [YG] dies young, can I have it then?"

I swear, she's going away with the next sideshow that comes to town.

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Karla said...

In (small) defense of OG? When I was growing up my bedroom was this tiny little crappy room, INSIDE another room, in our house. Me, the eldest child, got the crappy room while my brother got the big bedroom with the bay window and the walk in closet.
This never seemed fair so I asked about it once...and my parents said that when my brother was born he got the "party room" as it was the only room available.
I asked why I, as the eldest, could not have been moved in there and HE get the little crappy room, and my parents said they jsut never thought of it.

I'm not saying, having seen OG's room ,that it is inferior to YG's in any way, but I'm jsut are kids. She'll soon realize the benefits off being farther from her parents room!