Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why, why, why do you try my patience?

This post is exclusively for The Man:

"whingeing" or "whinging" (v) UK INFORMAL DISAPPROVING
Def: to complain, especially about something which does not seem important:
Ex: Oh stop whinging, for heaven's sake!
She's always whingeing (on) about something.

Ex: We were just having a whinge about our boss - nothing new.

Def: a person who complains continually

Do not EVER question my spelling again. Pig fucker.


Bob Knoxious said...

I'm with Lee. He Speaks American fer criss sake! Our great President Teddy Roosevelt made it clear that we won the Revolutionary war by getting rid of all the extraneous letters the British insisted on putting in the spellings of words. Down with extraneous g's, h's, and u's!

Karla said...

I am in favour of the British spelling.

Glamour, Theatre, Whinge. Chirurgeon. Al-yew-min-ee-um. Furour. (Ok maybe that last one is a stretch.)

Y'all can bite me arse.