Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Weekend Recap's been several days since I've sat down at Ol' Bessie to impart my wisdom to the world. I know I've been slammin' busy, but now that I'm fingers to the keyboard, the contents of my weekend have somehow escaped me.

I know that I haven't exercised yet this weekend, and I know that I've eaten too much, and probably had too much wine yesterday (which was not my fault. I will explain.) However, since the events of last week, I've decided to embrace a new form of optimism. Yes, you could say this is now my mantra:

Any day in which no sort of apparatus or tubage is connected to my bunghole is a good day.
Lemme see here...what DID I do this weekend? Oh, yes:

Friday night: Nope, I got nothin'. Maybe The Man remembers.

Saturday morning: Got up and took OG to basketball tryouts at 8:30 AM, and thence to her soccer game at 9:30 AM. (Lugged YG around, who is blisfully unattached to any sort of organized activity as of yet.) School carnival at 11:00; cake-walked and bouncy-housed for a hurried couple of minutes, and then we were all bundled into the car to go to The Man's 20-year high school reunion in Rockdale, TX.

The Man's reunions are not very formal events, held as they are in the Rockdale Country Club (which is about as far as possible from what I would imagine a country club actually looks like). The fanciest beer available was Corona, of which they were out, so I drank a couple of Lone Star Lights until I noticed a big bottle of Woodbridge Merlot. To me, cheap wine is more palatable than cheap beer, so I switched over.

That turned out to be a good move, because the ladies at the bar there pour wine like you'd pour iced the TOP of the big ol' goblet. So, after two of those, I was in a decent frame of mind to interact with strangers and simultaneously mind my bored children. (YG decided that this was the perfect occasion to demonstrate her independent toileting skills, so she must have run into the ladies' room ten times to demonstrate that she could go BY HERSELF.) Unsurprisingly, I was verrry sleeeepy when we got home last night, and did not make it up to see how lame SNL was last night, though I kind of wanted to see how John C. Reilly did...he's very excellent in everything he does.

Today: I bought $1100 worth of wood blinds at Lowe's! With money we don't have!

Y'see, OG and YG share a room, at present. It's been fine, up until a month or so ago, when YG reeeally started to act like a two-year-old toot. See, YG takes a nap at school, and thus has a hard time falling asleep at the hard-assed bedtime of 7:30 that we enforce for the hyperactive OG. So, YG sings...and talks...and yells...and cries...which justifiably pisses OG off. So, OG has been sleeping in the spare room most nights recently, which has let us know that it's time to consider giving them both their own rooms. This will require some closet alterations, plus blinds, and a couple of minor furniture purchases, so it's coming together slowly...but, if all goes well, we may have OG in her own room again by the holidays.

There was some football watching/listening; the Chiefs won (and the Tigers yesterday). Booyah for Missouri! I'm glad we have some pride left, idiotic red states that we are. (But this time? Maybe...just maybe...we won't be so goddamned Republican in a couple of weeks? I'm too scared to hope.)

Left for today? Laundry, taking YG to the potty, maybe finding some dinner.

Oh, yes, and we're babysitting for Bill and Julie, as Julie won ROLLING STONES tickets after winning a SAUSAGE-EATING CONTEST at North by Northwest yesterday. (Jealous? Yes, I am, just a tiny bit. They may never pass this way again. But, I didn't have $100 a ticket, and...seriously, I mean, how can you say no to a request like that? I believe that fate has spoken, and it has decreed that Julie is MEANT TO GO SEE THE STONES.)

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