Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Many, many crazy people in the news tonight, chillen. Insane men with guns killing Amish children, insane Republicans with political power attempting to seduce teenagers. (And Newt Gingrich on the talk shows insisting that any attempt to criticize Mark Foley is a result of...wait for it...GAY BASHING.)

Oh, my heart hurts for those poor families in Pennsylvania. I wish that this country had the concept that providing health care for the insane is a GOOD IDEA. (I understand that this crazy fucker just snapped, but there's LOTS of people walking around the streets of Austin, TX that were once in the state hospital, but now have no home and no medication to keep their demons at bay. Statistically, the folks that have a mental health record are more likely to "go off," as it were; it's much more likely that they'll kill someone than a random person off the street will.) I would so much rather that these poor bastards be in a nice bed somewhere with three squares, great meds, and "Jeopardy" reruns than be on the streets muttering veiled threats near my kids, you know? (Oh, that's right, we don't like to pay taxes in this country. As Emily Litella would say, never mind.)

And this Foley business...well, I'd be lying if I didn't say that it's pretty fun to see the Republicans eating themselves for a change. I'm kind of loving watching Dennis Hastert twist in the wind, and hoping they all end up in jail...although I'm really kind of bitter that it took a sex scandal to FINALLY piss people off, after EVERYTHING ELSE they have done to this country. Treason is...what, too complicated a concept? The unnecessary deaths of 2700+ American soldiers is too abstract? Katrina? You forgot all that...but you're all up in arms about some pervert and his IMs? For THIS we're talking about sending folks to the big house?

Yes I am more than a little gleeful about the political fallout. Nobody deserves this more richly than this administration, from the Clinton hypocrisy to the gay marriage hysteria to the insinuation that the Democrats caused 9/11 because of their weak morals. However, in between my delighted giggles, I realize that I shouldn't overlook that Foley's crime had victims, even if nothing HAPPENED happened.

OK, I am taking charge here. Hey, all you sick bastards out there who prey on children? You, the ones that think kids are sexually attracted to you, and that if you loooove them, it's not rape, and you're obviously not taking advantage of them? YOU ARE WRONG. YOU NEED HELP. GO GET IT, AND STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY CHILDREN. And yes, I'm talking to you, band teachers, track coaches, guidance counselors, priests/ministers/Sunday School teachers, and all you other adults that put themselves in leadership roles with children who look up to you. (Note: this includes TEENAGERS, even if they are HITTING ON YOU.)

(Full disclosure...yes, there's a reason for a personal level of anger here; I had a "relationship" with a 26-year-old man when I was 16. Oh, don't get me wrong, I figured it was all my choice then. I was very happy that I was so mature as to be attractive to older men! When I think about it now, though, especially having daughters of my own...I can't even write about the disgust I'm feeling. Jesus, I cannot imagine what I would do if I found some creep like that hanging around one of my girls.)

Mags' Blue Book Essay (TM) Title of the Night: Rational vs. Irrational Fears. Random psychotic with a gun, or seemingly kind and yet secretly perverted adult? Discuss the pros and cons of worrying about each. (Extra points if you can vividly potray yourself, and/or your children, in either scenario.) Cognitively realize that such worrying is pointless and detrimental. Berate yourself for worrying. Realize it is far too late by now to take an Ambien. Possibly do not get out of bed tomorrow.

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Lee said...

And of course, we in Austin have our own history with a crazy person snapping and killing random people. (Everybody google "Charles Whitman" if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

Oh, get this: Rush Limbaugh says it's Nancy Pelosi's fault and the Democrats should resign. No, I don't get it either. I'm just surprised they haven't blamed Bill Clinton for it yet.