Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Friday the 13th!

Did you all have a spoooky, spooky day?

Not so much myself. It was a day. The much-ballyhood "Arctic cold front" was, surprise, a bust. (Still had the AC on yesterday until 4:30, turned it off for the evening and opened up the windows, and then turned the AC back on by 4:00 this afternoon.)

Woke up late, because The Man insisted that I put the alarm over on my side of the bed for some reason, with him KNOWING that he's the one that remembers to set it and that I often don't. (So it is CLEARLY his fault.) I hurled some food and clothing onto the OG and myself, got her to school and me to work, and then managed to really not get much accomplished due to three major work interruptions.

1) The OG's parent/teacher conference: This actually went pretty well. She has a good teacher who is good at not overreacting to the (sometimes trying) behaviors of the ADHD child. OG is doing well in school, reading and spelling extraordinarily well (her spelling words in the past couple of weeks have included "organism" "firefighter" "nocturnal" and "autumn"). Math and writing are fine, though not maybe caught up to where the reading is. Behaviorally, she said OG was never really naughty, but is now doing much better, so that not even blurting out answers or wiggling/moving around as much. She even said that sometimes, she actually does not always know where OG is, and has to look around the classroom to find her. So, that was pretty OK. I wonder though - Straterra, or maturity? I'm sure the former helps, but I'm hoping I'm seeing the latter, too.

2) Quality Assurance Team Meeting! Yay! (Eh...I really do look forward to those; everybody on the team just happens to be my friends, and it's usually work a little bit, gab, eat, gab, gab, work a little bit, etc.)

3) A visit to the gastroenterologist. 'Nuff said. Oh, except that I have to have what Karla May had...a colonoscopy! you know the deal with a colonoscopy, children? Do you know? Because I'm going to tell you. Well, no, I'm not going to tell you in detail. It is fairly disturbing. Google it. (Oh, though, you must not look at the pictures on the Wikipedia page. Seriously. Did I mean it about GrannyRiders?)

What you need to know is that I am having the procedure at 2-ish on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the DAY BEFORE, I can only eat ONE boiled egg and a PIECE of dry white toast before 9:00 in the mornin, and then NO FOOD after 9:00 TUESDAY MORNING until after the surgery at 4:00 WEDNESDAY EVENING. That is 17 straight hours, people! How in the hell is that possible?

Oh, sure, I can have clear broth and drinks all day Tuesday - plus I apparently get to drink some lovely solution the night before - but nothing at all, no water, nothing, after 9:00 Wednesday morning. I am going to pass the hell out without any water in Austin, yo!

(I may be doing hourly update blogs all day Tuesday and Wednesday. What say you to delirium blogging?)

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Badger said...

Duuuude. I have to get colonoscopies regularly. (Ha! Look, I made a pun, kind of!) The prep is the worst part. Buy a padded toilet seat. For real. It helps! And have some books and magazines handy. Or put a TV in your bathroom.

Also, get yourself some lemon jello and some Manschweitz Clear Chicken Soup. Regular broth will taste like shit, but this Clear Chicken Soup stuff will make you feel like you're really eating food, which you of course are NOT.

Look at me, all bossy! But really. It's not that bad. I look at it as an opportunity for a nice, day-long nap.