Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In which Mags pays for howling at the moon last night.

Yes, I KNOW it was a Tuesday night. Somehow, my inhibitions didn't assert themselves after the second glass of wine. They are so WEAK.

I am really torn. I should NOT have been drinking on a school night, and I clearly should NOT be drinking when I play McJo's Poker, because that is a VERY serious poker game and drinking is, well, not FROWNED upon exactly, but is considered a sign of being less than committed to the art of the game. However, I WON, so perhaps the McJo's conventions can go suck on it!

The thing that really did me in, though, was that at about midnight, I was low stack, and I assumed that I was next out in a hurry. So, I took an Ambien, knowing that I have a hard time sleeping after poker, and knowing that the people wouldn't be out of our house for a while longer. Unfortunately - depending on how you look at it - I got back in the game in a rather hurried sequence of events. So, I had to play for another HOUR AND A HALF in what essentially became a drooling stupor. I hazily remember playing some really kick-ass poker, but all specifics of the evening from midnight until 1:30 are unavailable. All I know is that I stumbled to bed with $60 and The Man whinging about having a crappy poker night. (I'm sure he feels much better knowing that I barely even remember winning.)

This morning...or rather, four and a half hours later...I woke up with an earthshaking headache. I have learned, in my life, that in these cases, there is no amount of coffee or stimulants that makes your day more than 70% bearable. You must just press on through. (However, fried potato products always seem to make things better. This is true in all circumstances.)

So, wouldn't you know that today was the day that:

  1. it rained all day, and I don't know where my umbrella is, and was NOT in a place to go digging for it;
  2. OG's case of poison ivy went systemic, spreading to her ENTIRE BODY, necessitating a trip to the doctor and corticosteroids that are expected to make her MORE HYPER.
  3. YG got yet another ear infection/fever combo (in which her eardrum has apparently burst). The Man had a big day, and I had meetings, so...YG got to COME WITH MAMA TO WORK!
  4. The Man had to work late, so I got the lovelies all to myself all night, too. Thank god for Benadryl. (No, I'm not like that. Poison Ivy and an ear infection? Those are perfectly legitimate Benadryl occasions. They are!)
Seriously, this poison ivy thing is freaking me out. This has never happened to me. The camping trip was a week and a half ago! Check this out:

Eeeeeewwww. (Even Spongebob looks appalled.)

On that note, I have a date with a bowl of tortilla chips and my wonderful Serta mattress. Have a great evening!


Karla said...

I think redheads are much more susceptible to poison ivy than other folks. My mom (true redhead) can just LOOK at poison ivy and she is toast. Me? (Auburn girl?) I've never had it....though she and I will walk in the exact same paths.

Redheads...they's trouble.

Shannie T said...

Oh M there is a fine line you must not cross when mixing alcohol and ambien. But hell, up until that point, it can be kinda interesting. We'll talk later. You know, after I get done having the baby and all.... ;)

St. Murse said...

So much to comment on.

1) You have an Ambien prescription? I want one for when I have to go to the hospital at 6:40 AM and I CANNOT fall asleep the night before.

2) You kicked ass again in a state of drool? I remember another night where sleepy M did quite well. Bah, being alert is overrated in poker.

3) I once had a poison ivy rash from my right wrist to my neck. My arm was so swollen that I couldn't bend it at the elbow. I guess my doctor was wary of steroids.

JoyBugaloo said...

I'm a redhead, and I have had some bad bouts with poison ivy, too. I have no solutions, though, other than the calamine lotion and patience.

I do, however, have an excellent cure for ear infections. You take half rubbing alcohol and half white vinegar and shake it up in a small squeeze bottle. Flood the ear canal with the mixture, and then lay over on your side for ten minutes, and then let it drain out into a cotton ball. If your ear is really bad, do this twice a day for a few days, then once day for a few days until it is all better. I get ear infections a lot in the fall and spring, and this works like a charm! (Oh, and if you need to take medicine as well, take Sudafed, not Benedryl.) That's my tip o' the day. --Gina