Sunday, September 10, 2006

Told you so

I TOLD you the game to watch was Missouri vs. Ole Miss. That one kicked ass.

That other one...well, let's just say that I was happy to be at the wedding reception. Being tipsy on champagne at Laguna Gloria at sunset while listening to a DJ spin cheesy 70's and 80's dance music...well, that's just a little slice of heaven for Mags. I even had a cigarette; the first in years. (Or maybe since the last time Karla came to town; but it's a REALLY really infrequent occurrence. And, like the walking cliche that I am, only when I'm drunk.)

The Man had Dave and Shannon over to watch the game. Aggie Dave was reportedly most amused that I had made a baked brie for UT football-watching purposes; I was informed by The ("Grossly Ungrateful") Man that I had made a huge football faux pas, as that is apparently the Aggie stereotype of the UT fan. (Brie = gay, you know. Add in the bottle of pinot grigio I also bought...well, the Horns might as well be wearing pointelle lace shoulderpads.) I'm sorry I missed an evening in with the friends, but, as for The, I see him all the time, and he's usually far less crabby than that.

Oh, and the best part of the evening? Was my DRESS. I was shopping at Ross (Dress-4-Less!) a month or so ago, when I found the cutest pink taffeta sleeveless party dress, double lined and everything, on the CLEARANCE SALE rack for $9.99. The only flaw that I could find with it was that it was missing a belt, and it really didn't need it. I tried it on, and it fit me perfectly. (I estimated that I would have paid at least $50-$60 bucks for it. But, being the girl that I am, I got them to knock the price down another dollar because of the missing belt.)

So, I put it on last night, with the vintage bling beaded necklace and earrings, and The Man made wolfy comments (but that is not necessarily always a good indicator of how I look; he also says these things when I am wearing my "clean the tub" outfit of old Target sweatpants and the bleach-stained tank). But, I really got tons of compliments when I got to the wedding. You know, when someone asks you where you got your dress, and you're all "Ross, $9," and they're all "No WAY," and you're all "WAY!" and it's really really cool like that? It was like that. (And my boss said, "I just saw a big article on how taffeta is back in a big way. I didn't know you were so fashionable." After the hysterical laughter and the falling to the ground, I thanked her graciously. I love my boss.)

I looked like this, except try to imagine that my actual face was not doing either of these things most of the night:

(Actually, that's a big lie. Those are pretty much my only facial expressions.)

Hey, Badger! Look! I tried to put on my new makeup! And I actually used an eyeliner brush and a smudger, two things I honestly did not know existed until this summer.

I'm trying, people. I'm not a size 8 yet, but...hey, at least it's not black! One step at a time...


Badger said...

You done good, dude! And the dress is fabulous! I love Ross.

And hey! DH and I got married at Laguna Gloria, too! It's an awesome place for a wedding. And 13 years ago, it was also a relatively cheap place for a wedding. Woo!

Connie said...

um, you can't actually see your dress in that picture...but I love the pink

Lee said...

Actual quote from Mags to OG, on more than one occasion: "Just once I wish you'd smile nice for the camera instead of making silly faces." Oh, the hypocrisy.

Mama Malcontent said...

Damn--- you look good and way to go with the deal! I've been trolling TJ Maxx for too long and need to try some Ross. Wah- I want an event that calls for a fun, party dress.

Bookhart said...

You look wonderful!