Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Denver, Cuteness, Friends, and Jesus

Here's some loverly shots from my solo jaunt to Denver. Anita, Scott, and the two darlings were wonderful hosts. Didn't let me pay for a goddamn thing, though. Will repay you guys with Austin 'ritas and Cooper's Barbecue when you come down.

Here's Big Head Anita (TM) in front of a gorgeous gorge (with me reflected in her glasses; so very artsy):

This is the large blue bear that looks into the Denver Convention Center (not into the bathrooms, however, which is supremely disappointing):

Three quarters of happy family:

Some sugar for you suckers out there:

My own new patented photographic style...the Big Boob Shot:

Scott, when we found Jesus in his french bread!

(OK, maybe not Jesus; but a distinctly happy spirit. Maybe it's Sammy Davis Jr.)

I'm recovering from the trip, and from the heavy blow The Man dealt me when he handed me the letter stating that Dr. H., the world's best pediatrician, is leaving Austin. (Seriously, Dr. H., your cult of devoted followers are absolutely bereft. Leaving to take care of an ailing parent...well, that's just...I mean...ah, crap. Stupid noble doctors.)

He's a shy type, and not comfortable with too much praise. So, to pay him back, I may go force him to pose for a picture with us when I take my kids in one last time. I think that might kill him.

Hasta, children. I need to post the most excellent pictures of OG and YG on their first days of school this year...I can't resist making them pose on their way out the door every year. (That's just something else to tell the therapist later.)

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Anonymous said...

No comments?!#@%$ This posting had it all: Sweet Sugar, big heads, even bigger bears...JESUS BREAD!!!

So this is what it finally took for me to post to your blog. A posting (nearly) all about ME and my clan.

See, I do actually read your blog.

Can't wait to gather our full clans together for merriment and waterslides.