Thursday, September 07, 2006

Delusions of Grandeur

I put a site meter on this page.

That number had better represent some level of climbitude, or I am so deleting that fucker.

And, old friends whoeth complain to me of my "only Blogger people can post" setting, I changed it. So I expect commentary. Do I need to name names? Do I need to tell potentially damaging stories? (None of you can EVER run for public office; you know that. I'm poor, and my price is pretty darn low.)

Oh, and damn you Karla, for the recommendation of Project Runway! I have actually started watching my first reality show, and I...gulp...kind of see the fun in it! (Hey, at last these guys have to create something to win, and the voting actually appears based on merit. Plus, apparently, fashion people are bitchy, which makes for funny snide commentary.)


ArlingtonJB said...

Oh No! Inga got sucked into 'Project Runway' this season too!

MichV said...

Phlew!!! How's that for commentary! You should know (and feel honored, Ha!) that I rarely comment on peoples' blogs. I'll try to give you a few comments every so often since I was one of your complainers.