Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Princess Party - Survived!

Yes, folks, today, my house was filled with ten shiny, beautiful, three-to-five-year-old princesses, dressed to the nines and ready to party.

And man, what a party. We made ourselves VERY sparkly, sang Disney karaoke (for reals,) ate not nearly enough of a massive "Enchanted" cake, opened MANY fabulous girly presents, and put the hit on a large pink-n-purple castle-shaped pinata.

(As a side note, damn, I hate those cardboard pinatas. They're horribly hard to break. Thanks to the older kiddos - OG, Wonder Boy, and Young Sir Noxious - for finishing it off, but I do have to give big snaps to a couple of the young'uns - tulle and satin dresses notwithstanding - for putting a couple of hearty dents in it. I shall never look at the Geej or Annie O in the same way again. I fear you two. But in a good way.)

Chalk that off of the list of things to accomplish in my life. I have successfully hosted two costumed, girly, fourth-birthday parties; I shall never host another, I'm guessing (if the example from the OG holds true, then princesses will only hold sway in our house until elementary school starts, and then they will be completely taboo, never to be mentioned again).

And, yes, I, too, put on what I had that passes for a princess dress - the pink taffeta dress I wore to my high school reunion - and dusted off my rhinestones (which actually WERE from high school). How could I not?

(Please, do note my bling, and the sparkles. I would like to go on record that I WAS VERY SPARKLY.)
I'm missing a lot of my peeps; the ones that don't live in Austin.

For all y'alls, I would like to posit this opinion; nay, this fact: You would ALL be WAY happier if you lived here, in Austin, near me.

Hey, how could I be wrong? It's warm here! They have awesome enchiladas and barbecue! And margaritas! And South Congress shops and music everywhere and decent jobs and about the last existing place in the country in which the housing market isn't collapsing! And me! And did I mention it's warm?

Yeah, I'm talking to you, Denver. You too, Arkansas, all of Washington State, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Oslo, Boston, and Houston! (And, Hellooo, Cleveland!)

Oh, no pressure. You don't really HAVE to move here. However, I'm just 100% sure, down deep in my heart, that, one way or the other...erm, SOMEONE would be happier if you lived here.

For y'all, you get a video. (It's not a very good one; it's just one somebody made. However, the song is great; one of my favorites, actually.)

Enjoy. And then move here.


Aimee said...

Prince Luke can't wait to see his princess next month! I know when we're there, we'll be reminded of how much we miss our Austin.

Karla said...

You can absolutley BET I will be coming back to Austin. Not sure when, but it WILL Happen.

But yeah, that mention of margaritas and enchiladas did NOT help my homesick mood ONE BIT. I actually almost booked a flight home today on KLM, for May 9th, I was THAT homesick. I was a millisecond from hitting the 'buy' button, on a whim....just GO. But there is the husband to think about. Sigh.

FYI cheap flights now top a grand.

a beer sort of girl said...

That princess party should have earned you a medal of some sort. With glitter.