Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Movie Quote Challenge

Name 'em. You get credit. On THIS VERY BLOG. No Googling...or looking at my profile to see what my favorite movies are...and I MEAN IT.

One vote per customer; they're easy. (Especially if you've, um, ever met me. Or met anyone my age who's anything vaguely like me. Which is not uncommon.)

It's just that simple.

1. "I'M NOT SHOUTING! ALL RIGHT, I AM! I'M SHOUTING, I'M SHOUTING, I'M SHOUT..." [Candlestick falls from above and hits him on the head]

2. "How shall we fuck off, O Lord?"

3. "She doesn't get eaten by the eels at this time."

4. "Don't forget to kill Philip!"

5. "No tongues..."

6. "I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home. They're not much bigger than two meters."

7. "He's making violent love to me, mother!"

8. "The review for 'Shark Sandwich' was merely a two word review which simply read 'Shit Sandwich.'"

9. "I had a dream. In fact, it was on the night I met you. In the dream, there was our world, and the world was dark because there weren't any robins and the robins represented love. And for the longest time, there was this darkness. And all of a sudden, thousands of robins were set free and they flew down and brought this blinding light of love. And it seemed that love would make any difference, and it did. So, I guess it means that there is trouble until the robins come."

10. "YOUR hearse?"
"Ohhhh! Then you shall take ME home!"


mrpod said...

#2 is Life of Brian

JoyBugaloo said...

1. Clue
2. Life of Brian
3. The Princess Bride
5. Young Frankenstein
6. Star Wars
8. This is Spinal Tap
10. Harold and Maude

I give up on the rest. But we are clearly of an age and similar movie tastes! :-)


Karla said...

Dangit, GIna took my answers.

So consider hers, mine, too.

Anonymous said...

Do I know you?

Georgianna said...

#7 Is that Christmas movie with Jimmy Stewart that I can't think of since I am not allowed to Google