Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Five Weird Things About Me Meme

Stolen from Karla May and Karla Karla. Damn, Badger is going to be way behind.

1. I cannot stand to hear someone misuse "lie" and "lay." Seriously. It's like a cheese grater on my skin. (And my own darling YG, at the tender young age of 2 1/2, has already figured this out, and misuses it on purpose to annoy me and then looks at me to see if I'm annoyed.)

2. I have no protruding ankle bone on the inside of my ankle. It's completely flat. And I cannot stand for anyone to touch it. If you try, I will kick you across the room.

3. I do not personally see this as weird, but I have been told it is: I refrigerate my peanut butter. (Seriously, is that weird? It's important; my marriage may hinge on this.)

4. I generally do not screw lids back onto things. I get them about halfway on, and I stop. I don't know why; it's a pathology.

5. I am missing my top lateral teeth; the "eyeteeth," I think they're called - the ones closest to your front teeth. I was born without them, and have had to wear false teeth pretty much since my baby teeth fell out. Even in my braces; they were little movey false teeth stuck into the wires. And when I smile big in black light, they don't show up, and I look like a hick.


Karla said...

refridgerating your peanut butter isn't wierd, per se, but it is a bit, I dunno, redundant? Plus doesn't that take away the creamy goodness and make it hard to spread?

I bet you leave your butter out at room temp, don't you?

Maybe switch the butters and go a little nuts?

Milena said...

Organic peanut butter free from hazardous chemicals with the oil on top that you need to stir in? Refrigerate. Preservative-laden (e.g. Jiff) peanut butter? Unrefrigerated half-life of 5,000 years.

Karla May said...

I refrigerate my peanut butter, and then have to let it sit out for a few minutes before spreading it onto my saltines.

And I'm totally not weird, so you're in the clear.