Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rocky Mountain High....

...Coloradoooo. (Did it work? Are you susceptible to the powers of Song Stuck in Your Head Girl?)

I'm headed off to see Anita, Scott, and the kiddos in Denver. We have no set plans at the moment; really, sitting around and staring at each other is all either of us can afford to do. But, even that will be a delightful change of pace from sitting around and staring at The Man, handsome devil that he is.

Maybe I'll post fabulous pictures while I'm in Denver...I'll try to get in a Big Head Shot (TM) for Karla, and maybe just a head shot for The Man. (KIDDING, Honey. No, I'm serious. Put the camera DOWN.)

If not, well, then, have a swell Labor Day weekend, folks. Remember the workers and the unions that made your barbecue possible. (Try to grill up a greedy CEO, if you have the chance.)


P.S. Disturbing visual for the week:
I was sitting at the intersection of 45th and Lamar, when I noticed that the man in the passenger seat in the car next to me was holding a hardbound copy of Ann Coulter's new book. While I was glancing over, he took his finger, and lovingly traced it over the picture of the soulless harpy, over what is ostensibly her cleavage peeking out of her low-cut black dress.


Karla said...

Have a great time, and as for the Anne Coutler thing..damn you for that nightmare image.....

Lee said...

I don't normally like that "Six Chix" comic that's been running the Statesman as a "Boondocks" replacement, but this was a good shot at Coulter today:

Karla May said...

That Anne Coulter thing you saw? Equal parts chilling and nauseating. Ugh.