Friday, August 04, 2006

iPod Update

I'm up to the "J's."

So, if I want to listen to anything from Abba to Judy Garland, I'm good. (Or maybe those two examples, in particular, make me look like a complete dork?)

Upon some rummaging around in my iMusic folder, I found ANOTHER folder labeled "iMusic" within it, and it appeared to have duplicates of all my songs. That may explain some of the problems I was having. I deleted it - and iTunes immediately freaked again, causing me to panic and totally neglect my children AGAIN yesterday while I tried to figure it out.

I believe the problem is solved now, but I'm still slooooowly converting songs to AAC format. Somewhere in that erasing, I accidentally converted some of the songs back to MPEG - again, no idea why this is happening - but at least I know what to do about it now. And, when I'm deleting the duplicate songs as iTunes finds them, my hard drive space is improving substantially.

I shall now try to shut up about all this.

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Badger said...

Now see, if I were a total bitch I'd chortle about how you Apple luvahs deserve what you get because Apple sucks and whatnot, but ... wait a minute, I AM a total bitch!


Er. Ahem. Sorry.