Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pictures of Rednecks or Things that Pertain to Rednecks that my Mother-In-Law Sent Me

For your consideration:

1) The Redneck Wedding Cake. (Actually, come to think of it, that would have been way cheaper than what we had, and certainly more memorable.)

2: The Disturbing Child Bride Photo:

3. The "I hear you, sister," quote: (As for me, I hate having to actually cover my nipples when I go to the HEB. That is such a drag.)

4. I have no words for this.

Except to state that the confederacy looks good on her.

Do I mock? Yes, I do. Not because you're southern, but because you VOTED FOR BUSH. You deserve every bit of mockerage you get until you see the light, Ashley and John Wayne.

(There were more, but Blogger has PMS tonight. Anybody running the Beta version? Is it better?)


Badger said...

Is it wrong that I'm totally in love with the wedding cake idea?

And that the last picture makes me want to prance around in a bikini?

Er, those are rhetorical questions, by the way.

Bookhart said...

There are so many things that are disturbing about the child bride but the issue that haunts me the most is--why did no one suggest that the prospective groom remove his Tshirt with the stupid "funny" comment and put on a goddam polo (at the very least) for his ENGAGEMENT PHOTO?

Maybe the bride's daddy was holding a shotgun and the wedding occurred immediately thereafter.

I have no words for the Confederate bikini.